Born in the capital city, Austin, Texas. Caleb A. Davis, is an active leader that has held key roles in various organizations that he has participated in. To Caleb, mindfulness, brand development & technology integration is considered a requirement in the global economy today. As a result, he has developed a growing passion that has shaped his experience personally and professionally over the years. As a result, he founded a dream organization, Sow Give Inc., a nonprofit with the objective to lead a philanthropic millennial culture and collaboratively develop educational communities around the world.

A big part of this journey requires a microscopic look at how we guide our scholars and the support we give to their ship. While remembering his past and understanding the present, he continues to look toward the future. Living by his motto, “Whomever God Stresses, God Hospitality Blesses”, Caleb continues to be active in community engagement and development, with Austin always in mind. To Caleb, success is a constant goal that can be achieved at any time. So his ultimate goal is not just to be successful but to be significant. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

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