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Austin Justice Coalition Web Developer Request for Proposal

Austin Justice Coalition has seen rapid and recent growth. Volunteers who became founding staff members built and sustained our website. With an overwhelming increase in work, we have been unable to maintain timely updates to our site. With high traffic, we are in need of a website developer that can clean and updat6e our website to accurately portray our work as it stands today.

Austin Justice Coalition seeks a talented web-developer or team to execute a three-phase website redesign plan. The project entails design, developer, and possibly programmer elements.  Phase 1 will entail an immediate needs update with a rapid turn around while phase two will consist of a deeper overhaul of the site. The ideal candidate must be experienced in WordPress, Dreamcloud, and understand the technicalities of payment integrations and plugins. They must be able to work quickly and efficiently with little oversight and be a strong communicator.  The candidate will work with the AJC Communications and Executive teams to deliver an updated website. This request for proposals is designed to provide a diverse set of qualified respondents with the opportunity to apply for awardship. You can view the RFP and instructions for applying HERE. 

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